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CONTEST: ‘Suits’ Prize Pack Giveaway!

This summer’s break out hit show Suits is almost over, with the first season’s finale airing on September 8th. We’re giving away a some swag to celebrate, courtesy of USA Network!

Fans of Suits may often find themselves quoting their favorite lines after watching an episode. Now’s your chance to write a clever line of your own!

1) Custom ‘SUITS’ Nylon Bag ($10)
2) ‘SUITS’ Hat ($10)
3) Powerstick ($50)
4) “Art of Shaving” skin care kit, includes facial wash + moisturize +  a facial scrub + after shave mask ($50)
5) USA Network T-shirt ($15)
6) USA Network 10-City Summer Guide
(Estimated Retail Value: $135) 

Wanna know how you can win?

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Interview with Gabriel Macht from “Suits”

It’s been a little over a month since I posted my first article on DefectiveGeeks highlighting five reasons to watch Suits. Since then, I’ve had the amazing opportunity to interview Tiffani Thiessen and review an early screening of the White Collar summer finale. Hard to believe so much could happen in such a short time! It all came full circle yesterday morning, when I had the chance to join a phone-in Q&A session with Gabriel Macht, who plays Harvey Specter on Suits.

The first season of Suits is already coming to a close, with only two episodes left: “Rules of the Game” airs tonight at 10/9c, and the season finale “Dogfight” airs next week on September 8th. In the interview, Gabriel discusses what the remainder of the season has in store and reveals a few tantalizing hints about Harvey’s “mysterious past.” He also sheds light on the relationships Harvey has with Jessica and Mike, as well as give some wonderful insight into the truth behind Harvey’s tough exterior.

Click on the cut to read my write up of the interview!

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Five Reasons to Watch “Suits”

USA Network’s new original series Suits centers around Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht), a brilliant and successful attorney with a rebellious streak, and Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams), a genius college drop-out with perfect recall who has squandered his potential. Ross gets a second chance when he meets Specter, who agrees to hire him as an associate. The unlikely duo work together to close cases, all while having to pretend to others that Ross graduated from Harvard Law.

The show requires some suspension of disbelief to accept the basic premise, but it’s easy to overlook some of the more farfetched plot points once you start watching. Suits is, in a word, charming. In the family of lawyer shows, with Law & Order being the staid patriarch and Ally McBeal the wayward sister, Suits would be the cheeky younger brother who everyone can’t help but like.

If you haven’t had a chance to check out Suits yet, here are five reasons why you should start.


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