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Reasons To Watch ‘The Wolverine’


Do I really need to give you reasons to why you should watch The Wolverine? First of all, it’s the Wolverine. Second of all, it’s Hugh Jackman as the Wolverine. I can’t imagine you’ll need more reasons than that!¬†The Wolverine’s plot is set some time after the events of X-Men: The Last Stand, and Logan is in hiding and ridden with guilt for having been forced to kill Jean Grey. An old acquaintance from Japan seeks him out, forcing him out of his isolation and the Wolverine finds himself playing the ‘hero’ again despite his best efforts to live a quieter life.

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Ep. 134 Bat-Keanu and Bat-Cards


SailorMizz answers another question from a listener and gives advice on what to give your lady geek for her birthday. Then the Lady Geeks discuss the choice of Ben Affleck for Batman (Batfleck?) and why Keanu Reeves is possibly the greatest human being of all time. Yes, even more so than the Batman himself.

ThanksGEEKing, What I’m Thankful For

ThanksGEEKing! I totally just made that up. Feel free to yell at me.

2012 for ‘geeks’ has been a good one and continues to be a good one. As a fangirl representative of this blog, I thought I would make up a list of all the things I am thankful for. Besides family, friends and a good life, I certainly have had a good year of fangirling and I’m going to start¬† with the obvious…

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