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The Marvel Experience


On Valentine’s Day, I made my way to the Marvel Experience while it was at Del Mar, California. This comic book geek playground consists of 7 domes, the largest one hosting several character inspired “training” stations. Most of it were video game stimulators, like learning how to fly like Iron Man or smashing robots as the Incredible Hulk. There are two stations that were more physical — the Spider-Man wall climber and the Black Widow agility test.

More photos below.

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I Want Batman To Be My Father


On episode 40 of Super Geeked Up, one of the round table questions was which superhero or super villain would we want as our parents. My answer was Batman. Now, I know what you’re thinking — but SPQ, he’ll just be neglectful or he’ll turn you into a Robin or you’ll probably end up dead or badly beaten up down the line. The truth is the reasons I chose him was not well thought-out and are pretty much right on the very shallow surface of the entire situation.

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Ep. 118 Super Knocked Up


The creator of Super Knocked Up, Jeff Burns, joins in this week’s episode along with actors Jourdan Gibson (Darkstar) and Mark Pezzula (Captain Amazing). Super Knocked Up is a hilarious web series with a heart and all three of our guest discuss their love for this project — plus what’s to come in season 2! Also, Jourdan’s pants may or may not be deathly. . . listen and find out.