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Bunnies & Bow, an art and fashion show opening night

Bunnies & Bows!

The opening night for Bunnies & Bows on May 7 came and went but it was truly a fun night. With my boyfriend, Taglebot, in tow, we arrived at Japan LA early because Michelle had asked me to do a little chalk doodle infront of the store. I awarded myself with a sushi “burrito” from the Jogasaki food truck who served dinner to the party goers for the rest of the night. We joined the party inside the store again after we ate and I started to take photos.

I was thrilled to see my art piece up on the wall with all the other wonderful work of art from talented and established artists. I never imagined my first official art show (that wasn’t school related) would be so much fun and just plain out cool. Gizzy came out to show her support, hooray! As well as my friend Rachael from Glass of Win, Jess from, Onch from Onch Movement, Shrinkle of Sugarpill and all our local friends, Ryan, Shaun, Shane, Edith, Lena, Jeremy, Greg, Tim, Callie (sorry if I missed a particular person on this shout-out, you are welcome to yell at me if I do)… thank you all so much to everyone that parties with us! Thank you to my wonderful boyfriend for staying the whole night and going home as tired and as happy as I was!

Bunnies & Bows!

Michelle (Chubby Bunny and our great event hostess) even asked me to help judge the costume contest. I was glad we had several judges that voted because picking the winners was hard. Everyone came out in their best bunnies and bows. You can watch the video from the contest after the jump below.

Bunnies & Bows!
Buy these awesome bows at

I spent most of the night talking to friends, shopping inside Japan LA— soooo hard to resist buying anything inside there– including a couple of Michelle’s new bows and pigging out on Lil Rae’s cake balls. Delicious! The art will be showcased inside Japan LA until May 29, so stop by if you missed the opening night. All the pieces are for sale for all of you art collectors out there. If you happen to swing by there, please let me know what you think!

A lot of my photos will be on the LA Weekly website, which I will post once they are up. Continue reading

Sweet for Art, Sweet for Fashion

Sweet Streets II is the brainchild of the sensational Hi Hi Caro, hosted at Gallery Nucleus in Alhambra, California. It is a collective group of different artists with their own interpretation of what is Japanese street fashion and style. It is a colorful show and I am glad I could make it. I missed last year’s show and I was determined not to miss out on this one.

I was lucky enough to be invited an hour early into the show before they let people in. It’s a rare chance to view art at opening night inside Nucleus minus the huge amount of people inside; minutes after the show officially opened, it got crowded very fast.

6%Dokidoki presented a fashion show that involved a group of kawaii girls dancing to a very catchy tune. I caught most of the dance on video, but it gets cut off at the end since one of the models, San Smith, pulled me up to dance with them. It was awesome! Watch the video:

I walked away from the 6%Dokidoki pop up store with a little bag ful of new accessories (cost more than the usual bagful of shopping, let me tell you… but totally worth it! SO CUTE!).

Check out our photos below! Plus a video of a quick tour of the first floor of the gallery. All the artwork is totally worth checking out.

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