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Convention Memories, Cartoons, Norman Reedus and Bonding Over Boba Fett

SDCC 2011

Believe it or not, we’re already gearing up for convention season. Wondercon is less than a couple of weeks away but we are already planning (fretting over?) San Diego Comic-con in July. No worries — we’ve got a kick ass hotel room locked down for this year and our press passes are secured so the Defective ladies will be representing yet again at the biggest west coast nerdfest of the year. I decided to go through some photos and scrounge up some memories to share with the readers today from the many cons I’ve managed to attend in the past years. Read more below for some of these random memories.

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I Got to Meet Ted Raimi!

Meeting Ted Raimi!

Back in the days, when I spent my afternoons watching Xena: The Warrior Princess on TV, Ted Raimi quickly became one of my favorite actors. The man tends to make plenty of cameos in what most would consider geek related television shows and movies– and I would always squeal with pure nerd joy whenever I see him on the screen. In my opinion, he is one of those great actors who flies under the radar of most people.

That’s why when I met him at Wizard World Anaheim, it was probably the happiest moment of my geek lifetime. He was so wonderful as I prattled on about how much I love and enjoy his work. There was so much more I wished I could have said to him! Hopefully, my nonsensical fangirling communicated how much I truly appreciate him as an actor.

Thanks for the kiss on the cheek, Ted! It was truly a shining moment for this little girl’s heart!

Meeting Ted Raimi! Meeting Ted Raimi!
Meeting Ted Raimi! Meeting Ted Raimi!