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Ep. 68 Counting Chickens

This is a BATMAN SPOILER FREE podcast as the Lady Geeks rambled on about other things like kids dying from playing too much Diablo III or board games we played in the mid-90s. Dream Phone: The Avengers Edition, anyone? Includes a surprise visit from Pilbeam.

Best News of the Decade

This made me squee with joy. SQUEE. I’m so excited that they’re putting the shows I grew up with back on TV. I’m betting most of you are excited too.

Personally, I’m most excited about Clarissa Explains It All. I have season 1 on DVD and I’m not disappointed by it, like I am when I re-watch some other childhood shows.

I don’t think Roundhouse or All That will age well (though I will still love them).

The cartoons? Are going to be amazing. Rugrats, Rocko, Ahh! Real Monsters (I still have all the stuffed animals for that show).