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Ep. 281 Post-Apocalyptic White People


The Lady Geeks are delighted that Mad Max: Fury Road was bestowed many awards by the Academy this year but it doesn’t excuse the show from… many things. Listen in for amazing Spider News tears from Fortune Cookie. Fanfic Theatre: Rugrats.


Hobbits, Buffet, and Open Bar: The One Expected Oscar Party

Not very often does an event combine all of my favorite things, but this past Sunday I got to attend an event that not only included the world of Tolkien, but also included dressing up, a buffet, and an open bar. I am referring, of course, to The One Expected Party hosted by

The One Expected Party 2013

The Space Pirate Queen and I were lucky enough to attend this Oscar party and divulge in everything nerdy and decadent. The event was held at the American Legion Hall in Los Angeles and was themed, naturally, after The Hobbit.

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