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A Very Jenny Birthday: Space + Time Travel + Robots + Dinosaurs

Jenny’s birthday celebration was so awesome that it had four different themes that were melded together into one explosive party: space, time travel, robots and dinosaurs! I love that there is always a themed party guarantee when it comes to the people I know in Los Angeles. We all want an excuse to get dressed up as robots or dinosaurs or as robot-dinosaurs.

Wall-E was also at the party and he was dancing on the dance floor for a little bit. I almost cried from pure joy… who would have thought I would be at a party with Wall-E?!

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A Game of Thrones Birthday Party

Lady Yume Ninja of was kindly enough to invite the kingdom of Defective Geeks to her birthday celebration. The theme was Game of Thrones and for one night, all rivalry was put aside for a party of costumes, food and getting silly with all our too-busy and creative friends.

Yumeninja's Game of Thrones Birthday

I went as closet-cosplay dragon, aka I just put my Happy Hoodie Friends dragon hat on and called it a day. (didn’t have time to go all out… I had to work that day. Sad face). Surprisingly, we were lacking a Daenerys and so I didn’t get to perch on anyone. Gizzy B went as ‘Drunk Cersei’ and lived up to her character’s reputation that night.

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