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The Fear of Remakes


Remakes. Reboots. Call them what you will, they make me nervous.

When rumours (which turned out to be false) surfaced that The Princess Bride was getting remade, I cringed. When it was announced Ninja Turtles was getting a reboot, I sighed. This isn’t a rant about Hollywood being unoriginal. They’ve been doing remakes for EVER. Cinderella, Anna Karenina, King Kong, Frankenstein, the list goes on and on. You can’t dismiss all of the remakes as rubbish, it just isn’t true.

But just like when you hear some new band remake a song you love, I think our brains are just wired to distrust the new one. Change is scary. Why would you already top what’s already perfect? HOW DARE YOU MESS WITH MY CHILDHOOD.

So, when I heard this afternoon that a remake (or re-imagining, as Rob Marshall is calling it) of The Thin Man is in the works, I got conflicted.

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