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30 Days of Tim Drake

I’ve decided to challenge myself .

A somewhat lighthearted challenge so I won’t scare myself and get lazy (which happens a lot, unfortunately). Yesterday, while driving home from a particularly busy day at work, my thoughts revolved around cherry blossom trees and Tim Drake (he’s my 2D, comic book infatuation… don’t ask). Eventually, the two married each other and I started to think about Tim Drake frolicking in a little boy’s yukata among sakura trees. Eventually, I ended up sketching this out when I got home.

Tim Drake, Cherry Blossoms by ~diavana on deviantART

I’ve decided that I will do 30 fanart of young Tim Drake and post it on my deviant art as a challenge to myself! At first, it was going to be 30 days straight of one fanart a day, but I didn’t think that was realistic given my schedule. This whole thing is somewhat inspired from this article, 30 Days to Success.

I will post some of the better fanart once in awhile on this blog, too, but feel free to watch me on deviantart to see if I am successful! Maybe after this, I will choose a different theme to make another 30 art pieces with.

Wish me luck.

… by the way, Tim Drake is the third Robin in the Batman series for those who for whatever reason did not know.


I’m not quite sure how it began– but it did– my inexplainable infatuation with the Robin character from Batman. I think it’s manifestation completely amused myself and the people who know me, which is probably why I just can’t seem to stop. Keep in mind that this isn’t some obsession where I have to collect every Robin paraphernalia known to man’s existance. Not quite. I wouldn’t mind having a gazillion Robin objects to happily roll around in, but I don’t quite have the budget for it, sadly.

Instead, I’m just locked onto the fact that I want to marry the Boy Wonder.

Preferably, Tim Drake, not Dick Grayson.

But! Guy in Robin suit is Robin is Robin!

Which brings me to Untamed Cinema’s “Grayson”

Oh how I wished this could be a real film. Some of the acting is a bit on the bad side, but overall, I think the short “trailer” is rather impressive with an interesting premise. I would prefer that the other DC heroes stayed out of it because I fail to see the importance of the Justice League in a Robin film… Superman, maybe… but Wonderwoman too??

Needless to say, the whole thing just makes me drooly and I think someone who has a soul should give these people the money to make a full-length feature film.

If they did, I would pay enough to see the movie as many times to help pay for that film budget back. I SWEAR!

I know I’m a little late on this uptake since this fanfilm has been around for quite some time garnering raving reviews and even controversies; but it never hurts to mention something that has to be considered epic again!