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‘Todd and the Book of Pure Evil’ Review Featuring EXCLUSIVE Content!

There are shows that make you laugh out loud, yet simultaneously question your morals because of the perverse content inducing this laughter. Todd and the Book of Pure Evil is one of these shows.

Originally airing in Canada and now rebroadcast by FEARnet in the U.S., Todd and the Book of Pure Evil depicts the plight of  high school with a delightful Satanic twist. The main character, Todd (Alex House), a slacker metalhead with an affinity for ganja, wants nothing more than to be with Jenny (Maggie Castle), the girl of his dreams. Todd has a metal band with his amputee best friend Curtis (Billy Turnbull) called Barbarian Apocalypse. This show has a formula that has been used in many high school dramas, but what makes it refreshing here is that it has been wonderfully mixed with camp, cheese, death metal, and Satanic conspiracies!

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