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Trader Sam’s, the Awesome BadAss Bastard Child of The Tiki Room

So after many failed missions to go to the famed Trader Sam’s the interactive Tiki Bar at the Disneyland Hotel, where certain drinks allegedly made bar stools go down and Volcanoes erupt, my friends and I finally checked it out last week. Giselle, Quintein and I marveled at the ambiance of the place. It IS like a disneyland attraction but a BAR at the same time- Very much like the bad-ass child of the Tiki-Room. Trader Sam’s is also filled with many gifts and letters from friends such as Indiana Jones and one Captain Jack Sparrow.

While Quintein and I looked through the awesome island themed drinks, Giselle announced she was going to order a secret drink! THE NEVERLAND TEA!!!! Which if I had an android phone at the time I would’ve hopped right on the internet to look up the secret menu. I resolved to check it out as soon as I had a chance.

That night Quintein and I ordered the Uh-Oa! drink which came in a bowl set ABLAZE, the bar went dark, a volcano started to erupt as everyone joined in the “Uh-Oa!” chant while Quintein and I tossed nutmeg into the flames to make FIREWORKS!! Oh and it started raining in the bar.

That drink was so awesome, IT SET FIRE TO THE RAIN

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