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Lady Geek Spotlight: Irene Allado, Collects Transformers and Pandas

Irene is practically family to me. We met because our boyfriends are related and since we are Filipinos, the family just tend to spend a lot of time together. It didn’t take us long to immediately become good friends since we share the same sense of humor (she’s super funny, you guys) and life sensibilities. When it comes down to it: I freakin’ love, Irene! I wanted to share her to the world because she is a badass Lady Geek. Don’t let her pretty little face fool you. I am fairly sure she won’t hesitate to kick ass if needed.

When did you realize you were a Lady Geek?

IRENE ALLADO: When I was a kid, I played with Barbies, stuffed animals, Match Boxes, Legos, scented stationeries, G.I. Joes, Nintendo and other video games. Not being able to play with other kids, I was home most of the time and being an only girl got me to make up a fantasy world with my dolls and my brother’s toys. I would also put my bed sheets and party dresses together and would imagine I was a princess, a ninja or a non-ordinary girl. I believe that was the first time I touched base with role playing.

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Ep. 21 Transformers Go BOOM!

Fortune Cookie keeps the Space Pirate Queen company while Gizzy is away and so the ladies discuss the third installment of the Transformer movies and how Victoria Secret models can act better than Megan Fox. We enjoy explosions and giant robots. They get a little bit nostalgic for their childhood cartoons and think a lot of kids these days are wieners.

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