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Ep. 291 Hollywood Kanchos the 90s


Space Jam 2, Interview with a Vampire remake, The Craft sequel—nothing from our childhood is sacred or safe. Especially the Power Rangers and its new cast of Justin Bieber lookin’ mofos. Admittedly, we’re kind of excited for most of it. Fanfic Theatre: Vampire Diaries x Captain America.

Ep. 110 Vampcast at Alex’s Bar

The Lady Geeks sits in the real-world Fangtasia at Alex’s Bar where True Blood filmed for its first season. This episode is all about vampires and we welcome Scarlettburn to her first podcast — she is probably the biggest vampire fanatic on Defective Geeks. Listen as we drink, chat and go deeply in vampire lore and pop culture.


GEEK LIFE: Vampire Diaries and My Apology

I used to believe I was a sensible person (who some times did nonsensical things). I scoffed at other women who thought having a vampire boyfriend would actually be a good idea. I rolled my eyes at the “sexy”-fying of vampires. I believed they should be left alone to be evil, bloodsucking monsters. I didn’t think anyone else but Anne Rice really captured vampire psychology. I still have a great dislike towards Twilight. When Vampire Diaries first started airing on television, I rolled my eyes. I thought I would just chalk the show up as another dumb, tweeny show and its target audience was definitely not me.

Then it happened. My friends started talking about the show and how amazing it was. I was shocked. These are people who I respect! Their opinions mattered to me! What is going on? Is the show really that good? Inevitably, my curiosity got the best of me and I signed on to my Netflix account to watch the show.

Now, I owe everyone an apology.

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Ep. 51 Drunk Walking

The Lady Geeks talk about the wonders of cherry blossom trees and the art of public drinking. Ever wondered which countries will allow you to be intoxicated in public where everyone can witness your classy drunkeness? We will tell you in this podcast. Fanfic Theatre: Star Wars.