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Ep. 200 Valhalla!


Our podcast has reached another milestone — 200 episodes, bitches, and we’re still talking! Gizzy B brings us more joy from Giselle’s Teenager Moments by reading from her old journals. This is our treat for you, kids. We also talk the Amazing Spider-Man 2, female vikings and creepy, corpse mannequins.

Fanart Glee: Loki, Brother and Trickster

Art by Sulamoon.

I tried very hard to resist the “Loki bandwagon” — I guess it’s more like the Tom Hiddleston bandwagon. Let’s face it, the character only became Tumblr-popular based on his portrayal of the character.

I wasn’t strong enough to resist the Hiddlecharm. Especially with that sly and mischievous smile. All that green.

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SDCC 2013: Thank You, Wired Cafe (Again)

SDCC 2013: Wired Cafe

It is probably through pure luck or miracle that Gizzy B and I always manage to get invited inside the Wired Cafe, the ultimate oasis inside the Omni Hotel during Comic-con weekend. I am not sure if I received the official invite this year because of my previous employment or if we had paid our dues enough to be considered on the official list. Last year, one of their sponsors had invited us to do coverage and interviews. The years before that . . . well, it was me putting my employment status to good use, of course!

As the convention and attendance grew bigger, more and more people are getting elbowed out of the Wired Cafe in favor of perhaps more “important” guests. Don’t get me wrong. We are extremely grateful that Wired Cafe continued to keep its doors opened to us and we enjoyed every minute of it — we sing their praise to all our friends (aka, we rub it in to people who didn’t get an invite . . .) and if we could, we would marry Wired Cafe.

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SDCC 2013: History Channel’s Viking Experience

Whoa, what a weekend! It was difficult deciding which aspect of this year’s San Diego Comic Con to describe, but after a bit of self-deliberation and a good nap I decided I’ll start with gushing about The Vikings Experience. 

For those of you who aren’t aware of this show I am about to blow your mind. There is a show called Vikings on the History Channel. It’s a dramatic and gritty portrayal of the viking culture that follows the journey of Ragnar Lothbrok, a man who starts off as a farmer and ascends to glory through exploration and conquest. Yes, there is lots of pillaging and everything one imagines when the word “vikings” comes to mind. In other words, it’s awesome.

The History Channel decided to promote the show by creating a Vikings area at San Diego Comic Con!

History Channel's Vikings at San Diego Comic Con

There were women dressed as shield maidens, lots of themed photo opportunities, and vikings boat races!

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Ep. 12 Emo Viking and Alcoholic Zombies

Our Lady DefectiveGeekers sympathizes with the emo viking and his love of flowers and kittens. Also, lots of zombie talk including how Giselle will one day be the town alcoholic zombie… just keep the weed away so she won’t get the ‘munchies’ for human flesh.