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Voices in Wonderland

The Alice in Wonderland has boomed since Tim Burton and Disney’s new Alice movie hit the theaters. Personally, I have no interest in the movie (and have heard really negative reviews from friends so I’ve decided to save my money!), but Wonderland inspired events are always interesting. I went to an event in Downtown San Diego at the Blonde Martini bar/club called Voices in Wonderland. It was an Alice inspired art show featuring several artists and live bands.

Blonde Martini was a small bar, but it was a really nice place– not quite an ideal gallery space, but good for a group of friends who are looking for a more high-end bar to hang out at during the weekend. Unfortunately, tt was hard to view the art pieces on the walls because the bar was very dimly lighted, of course. I was impressed with only a few of the art work but they were so hard to see, sadly. I can’t even tell you who the artists that participate were.

Voices in Wonderland Voices in Wonderland

There were also a couple of tables selling Alice inspired jewelry, and there were some really pretty ones, too. We caught the last live band that played and after that, the bar livened up as the DJ took over the music– and their DJ was very good and played a lot of good mixes!

I was happy to see the handful of people that got dressed up for the event though!

You can view the rest of the photos from this event at my flickr gallery!