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E3 2014: Party Like It’s 00110001 00111001 00111001 00111001

(Psst. That’s binary for “1999” in case you were wondering)

Every year, E3 comes and goes, and those of us who love video games, pray to the game gods that we can get in to the damn thing one day. However, for all those aspiring to rub elbows with the top game developers, there is still that glimmer of hope we like to call… ALL THE E3 PARTIES.

There are. SO. MANY. E3. PARTIES. Every year! And a TON of them are open to the public! We checked out a few shindigs on day 1 and 2 of E3 so we thought we would share the wealth with you all…

Tuesday, June 12, we were able to attend the super-hyped Twitch / Bootie mashup party at Exchange LA thanks to some VIP networking from our friend Jenny. Bootie LA is a super fun mash up music night at the Echoplex, that teamed up with Twitch this year to throw one of the fanciest parties of the year. The venue was rad,  the red velvet roped VIP areas were luxurious, and the booze was flowing. There was even flying confetti and dancers trailing out of the ceiling at the end of the night!

Ye olde wristband


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Zombie Night at the iO West with PodCRASH! and Comic Book Live

PodCrash! Walking Dead Edition

On February 23rd, we returned to the iOWest to invade Hollywood along side some zombies. Chris Gore hosted a live PodCRASH! and the night’s topic was zombies and anything and everything that had to do with them. Gizzy B was among the participants on the PodCRASH zombie panel and all the panelists were competing with each other on who will survive and who will get “killed off”… just like in the movies.

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SDCC 2010 / See you next year!

SDCC 2010

SDCC 2010

SDCC 2010

Photos from the Walking Dead booth inside the Exhibit Hall. I like how they turned out because they kind of remind me of a viral ad from Showtime or something. That was pretty much one of the last things we did on the last day. By this point, like most people, we were pretty exhausted.

This was a good year for me at this convention because I felt like I went home with a sense of accomplishment each day. I got books signed, saw my favorite artists, made new friends, and met people who took me by surprise; which, in my opinion, is the key to having a real good time at a convention.

I probably missed out on 98% of what was happening throughout the day and night, but I saw and did what I wanted to. Even if I didn’t get inside the Guild panel and things like that– I live in Los Angeles, baby! These things are not impossible!

Counting down the days towards the next convention. Until then, our next convention stop is Long Beach Comic Con in October. See you there!