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INTERVIEW: Leanne Noelle Smith Talks About FAK YAASS and Her Journey into Acting

Leanne Noelle Smith took a leap into creativity and never looked back. Today, she is working on multiple projects, including Vasilios Filipakkis’ web series, FAK YAASS, about a dysfunctional Greek family and the main character’s struggle to have them accept his sexuality. Learn more about Leanne and her role in the show below!

Hi Leanne, welcome to Defective Geeks! Tells us about yourself and your journey into becoming an actor. Did you always know you wanted to become an actress? What inspired you?

It has been quite the interesting journey from when I was a kid dancing in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, to today, being the actress/producer that I am. It all started with me in ballet from the age of 5, I loved performing and always have. I grew up with some incredible mentors that always inspired me, went on tours, started modeling– and then found myself drawn to acting back in high school.

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Ep. 229 LARPs: The Series Returns!


Elizabeth Neale returns with Jon Verrall to the show to talk about their Indiegogo campaign to launch season 2 of LARPs: The Series, which will be bigger and better! Also, we are launching a separate campaign for Elizabeth’s personal trailer and Swedish masseur. Find out what’s new with one of our favorite webseries and what kind of goodies you can get if you support their crowdfunding… #getshotinthedick.