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The Evolution of Courteney Cox’s Hair Throughout the Scream Movies

I have not yet seen Scream 4, but I am just dying to (har-dee-har) being a fan of scary movies. The other day Dianne and I were discussing the Scream movies and the subject of Courteney Cox’s hair came up. It occurred to us that her hair changes drastically with each movie. Yes, Neve Campbell’s changes as well, but not nearly as much as Miss Cox’s. If one ever wanted to get a soupcon of the trendy hairstyle of the time all one would have to do is see what Courteney Cox’s hair is doing in a Scream movie.


Here we have “The Rachel,” a bouncy bunch of layers that fills me with nostalgia for the 90’s.


Still the 90’s, obviously, and as Dewey says, “Nice streaks.”


Short bangs are never OK, the transition from 90’s to the 0ts.


The currently popular long soft waves look, as seen on many Kardashians.

While writing this I realized that even though Courteney Cox’s hair has evolved, she has barely aged since the first movie. I may or may not be shaking my fist with envy.

The trailer for Scream 4: