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San Diego Comic Con 2016: Scenes Around The Con

San Diego Comic Con—aka, Nerd Christmas in the Summer— came and went. I attended for the entire weekend this year and snapped a handful of photos of cosplayers and all the cool things around the convention. There were way more that I missed, of course. The heat was brutal this year and I am too much of a wuss to walk in extreme heat. Fortunately, there were still tons of things to see and do. Check out the photo slideshow below! You can also view the photos on our Facebook page as well.

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Awesome Fanfic Monday: Thor and Xena mashup!

Welcome to another Awesome Fanfic Monday!

I, like many, grew up watching the excellence that was Xena: Warrior Princess. I enjoyed the evolution and transformation of that show and frankly it was freaking entertaining and fun as hell. I love how it incorporated different mythologies and segments of history (even if it did tweak a few facts/details here and there) and something I would love to see is a crossover between Xena and Thor. Now the show did explore some Nordic mythology, but I just love the idea of Marvel’s Thor battling alongside the Warrior Princess. Thanks to some kind folks on, my dream of imagining these two worlds together has come true.


This week’s Awesome Fanfic Monday goes to Gods and Demi-Gods by daviderl31 of

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Fanart GLEE: Xena, Warrior Princess


fanart by thedoberman @

There has been on and off rumors lately of a Xena reboot. I am pretty sure it’s closer to being “official” now but you never know about these things. Either way, it doesn’t take away from how much this series affected me when I was growing up. It was a beautiful thing to see this gorgeous, badass warrior on television — plus, having the show revolve around her friendship with another woman, Gabrielle. Although I full support the Xena x Gabrielle pairing, it is also refreshing to be able to look back and pinpoint a show that explores the relationship between two women in a setting that doesn’t involve the usual “silly, girls” scenarios.

I can go on and on about this show, but we’re here to look at pretty fanart. I present to you, this week’s Fanart GLEE!

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If I Ran The Lifetime Channel

The Lifetime Channel, as you all may know, is an American television channel that is made specifically for women. According to their website it is “the source for women’s entertainment.” This channel has reality shows such as Supernanny, Dance Moms, Project Runway and the feel good show America’s Most Wanted. It has re-runs of sitcoms such as How I Met Your Mother (SUIT UP!), and Reba. These are all fun and well, but what truly defines and separates this channel from the celluloid crowd is its Lifetime Original Movies.

These movies, in general, are about women in peril. They get kidnapped, stalked, abused, conned, brutalized, and occasionally murdered after all of the above. Yes, at the end of the story they are often triumphant, at times posthumously, but regardless the constant theme of these movies is bad things happening to women. Don’t get me wrong, these can be fun movies. They’re great to watch when you’re with your girlfriends, have each had a bottle of cheap wine, and are cheering on the wronged female protagonist as she conquers the odds. I have to wonder, though, is this really what I consider to be the best entertainment for women?

Before I continue I want to make it clear that it is not my intention to bash Lifetime. I’m simply saying that if I were running it, things would be a little different. So, here it is my little friends:


1). Daily morning marathons of Xena: Warrior Princess and Battlestar Galactica. These are two shows that showcase intelligent, capable, and downright badass women. What better way to start off the day than see Xena kicking some ancient derriere, or Starbuck busting some balls? I firmly believe this is a healthy way to begin one’s daily routine.

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Ep. 38 Batman Punches People in the Face

The Lady Geeks ask the age old question: would we rather be a villain against Batman or Superman? They also discuss a world where human blood is produced from rice and human limbs are grown from trees. FYI, Frank Miller is a douche bag. Fanfic Theatre: Xena.